Ocean Freight

RDD is one of the largest Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC). Our comprehensive ocean freight services cover Full Container Load, Less Container Load, Oversized Cargo Container Load, and Dry Break-Bulk Cargo. Our local expertise teams are dedicated to reducing the risk of damage, delay, demurrage, and detention.

Our non-asset-based operating style, in combination with our charting space from multiple ocean carriers and Capacity Management resources, gives us unrestricted access to virtually unlimited capacity anywhere in the world. We ensure that our clients receive the most reliable, flexible, and quickest service around the globe. Our special knowledge teams know what you need, where you need, when your need, and how you can achieve it.

Air Freight

Our global air freight network, combined with our road feeder service or ocean freight connections, can offer you seamless door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world, even if it means using camels and donkeys

Depending on your time sensitiveness, we can offer you a priority service, (1 to 2 days), standard service (3 to 4 days service), economy service (5 to 6 days), or whatever best for your business.

Please do not be scared or get headaches about the choices you need to make. Feel free to contact our local Air Freight specialists. We give you the best consulting and planning. We do all the tough jobs. You just give us your requirements.

Amazon FBM & FBA 3PL Services

Focused on Amazon sellers’, customers’, and logistics partners’ needs, RDD’s highly experienced Amazon FBA expert team and 60,000 square foot distribution center help quickly distribute your cargo to Amazon FC’s all around the US. RDD offers FBM & FBA 3PL services such as:

  • Barcode and label services
  • Short-term storage
  • Warehouse receiving

Supply Chain Management

RDD designs and executes logistics activities covering entire supply chain. These include Inbound Logistics, Manufacturing Support, and Outbound Logistics, Packaging & Fulfillment, Inventory Management, and Distribution.

Our supply chain analysts will analyze the entire logistics data from your orders to the moment they deliver an end product. Our team give you the best supply chain solution to reduce your logistics costs.

Our experiences in air freight and ocean freight, combined with the global coverage provided by our hub and sub-hub structures as well as integrated Road and Rail Feeder Networks, establishes an excellent foundation, from which we develop our best Supply Chain Management solutions.

We focus our attention and resources on delivering solutions to reduce your inventory and supply chain costs, to shorten lead times, and then to improve your overall productivity. This gives you the peace of mind that permits you to concentrate on what you do best.

Logistics Consulting

Today’s market has become more and more competitive. Who control the cost, who will win the market. The cost control of your information flow and physical products flow requires optimizing efficiency. Our consultants help customers effectively manage their supply chain by implementing industry-leading processes and proven information technology.

We can help you understand and navigate local culture, customs policies, and risk, solve specific issues in your logistics network, and design and implement a global supply chain. Our professional team serves your outsourcing and enables your business to run smoothly.

Customs House Brokerage (CHB)

RDD is an AMS(ACI in Canada) – certified provider in compliance of the 24 Hour Rule so your shipment can be cleared expeditiously. We provide a full range of Customs Clearance and related services for international shipments. With the customs brokerage services of RDD Freight International Inc., you will have a cost efficient and consistent customs clearance solution. Whether it is coordinating the scheduling of your inbound shipments, complying with Customs & Border Protection, taking delivery upon clearance, holds, updated releases, or reporting import accessorial fees and service charges, RDD can help. We have experienced licensed professionals who can handle all of your customs-brokerage requirements.

Dangerous Goods (DG)

Dangerous goods transportation require licensed experts to handle. Otherwise, they can easily result in serious consequences. Our licensed expert team provides professional services and make sure your DG moves smoothly.

Handling DG requires knowledge of various regulations. For example, International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements for airfreight shipment; International Maritime Organization (IMO) for ocean freight; and Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) parts 100 to 185 covering transportation of dangerous goods within the United States. RDD employees dedicate numerous hours for classes, seminars and certification to stay current with the ever-changing regulations. Keeping current ensures that your shipments are not held up and products are delivered on time.

・ Classification

・ Packaging/Labeling

・ Dangerous Goods documentation

・ Risk Management

・ Hazard Identification and Assessment

Project/Oversized Cargoes

RDD provides transport services for big industrial projects that require special skills, high flexibility, total commitment, and a true passion for solutions. Our highly educated and experienced project team can arrange factory relocation, oil/gas pipeline project, oil fielded equipment, heavy-lift and marine engineering.

Other Services

Live Seafood and Animal Shipment

Shipments of live seafood must follow the general and fresh seafood packaging guidelines for perishables, as well as other requirements such as:  

・ When using self-oxygenating containers, the shipper must provide, on company letterhead, a statement that leakage will not occur.

・ Shipping containers must be marked “LIVE ANIMALS” or “LIVE SEA FOOD” and “DO NOT TIP, DO NOT TURN OVER”.

For international live seafood transportation requirements, refer to the International Air Transport Association.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo Fumigation

Full Documentation:

 ・ Letter of Credit Processing (LC)

 ・ Food and Drug Administration Filing (FDA)

 ・ Advanced Cargo Information Filing (ACI)